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2012 Massey Ferguson 1600 Series Compact MF 1660 - 60.0 HP

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Massey Ferguson
1600 Series Compact MF 1660 - 60.0 HP


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Smaller size, but 100% Massey Ferguson.

A new generation of compacts featuring futuristic styling, breakthrough ergonomics, increased reliability, and convenient service points.

• Our range of transmission options equip you in style - your style.

• So comfortable, you'll wish there was more to do.

• Spend more time working and less time servicing.

• Hook up any attachment you want to.

Engine: Powered by efficient Iseki liquid-cooled diesel engines, designed with clean-air technology to meet Tier IV interim emissions compliance. We couldn't use ordinary engines to power these extraordinary machines. We just couldn't. So every model in our MF1600 Series is powered by an extraordinarily efficient Iseki liquid-cooled diesel engine.

Engineered to provide powerful performance - even on cleaner burning B-5 biodiesel fuel - all engines are naturally aspirated. You couldn't ask for a more muscular power plant to get your jobs across the finish line in record time. Plus indirect injection means more efficiency and power with less fuel consumption and less impact on the environment.

With their advanced design, MF1600 Series engines combine robust performance and proven clean-air technology to meet Tier IV interim emission standards. But these incredibly efficient engines don't just look out for the environment. They also look out for your wallet, with fuel economy that keeps you out in the field when other tractors are headed back to the barn for a fill-up.

Powerful transmissions. Powerful benefits. Starting with our easy-as-driving-your-car hydrostatic transmission, the MF1600 Series offers a powerful array of transmission options. These transmissions do more than just transmit power to the rest of your tractor. They transmit a sense of power to you, as well. Heavy-duty cast-iron housings and oil-encased bevel gears mean smoother operation and longer life. Add our advanced technology precision engineering and relentless factory testing, and there's no doubt about it.

Transmission Options

Three-Range Hydrostatic (HST) - Ease of use & infinite ground speeds: Separate forward and reverse foot pedals on the uncluttered platform give you precise control of speed and direction. Increasing engine speed is as simple as pushing the pedal - just like in your car. Or you can set engine speed with the hand throttle for operations that require constant engine RPM, like using the PTO. We even moved the brake pedals to the left side of the platform for ease in using the steering brakes.

12x12 DynaQPS™ - Versatility for all types of jobs: The DynaQPS™ transmission combines the rugged durability of a PowerShuttle and the convenience of a four-speed on-the-go shift, allowing you to change direction and gears without using the clutch. Two buttons on the range shift lever let you shift up and down through each of four gears. Simply slow your engine RPMs and move the lever in the direction you want to travel, and your tractor slows itself down and changes directions. With 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, this transmission is great for most jobs or working conditions.

12x12 PowerShuttle - Efficient & great for loader work: Get the power and efficiency of a gear transmission and the easy directional changes of a hydrostatic. The PowerShuttle lets you shuttle from forward to reverse - and back again - with a convenient left-hand lever that leaves both hands on the steering wheel. Changing the direction of travel is as simple as slowing the engine and moving the lever in the desired direction of travel, so it's perfect for loader work. Choose from 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds - including five speeds below 1 mph - so you always have the right ground speed for any task, even ones that call for slow, constant speeds.

8x8 SynchroShuttle - Simple & economical: Our 8x8 SynchroShuttle provides you with 8 forward speeds and 8 reverse. Plus easy shifting between forward and reverse with a dash mounted lever - using the clutch but without coming to a full stop. Good, solid performance at a value price.

Hydraulics: Economical and easy to use, they earn their keep by providing increased pressure and oil flow that helps you lift more, work faster and get far more done in far less time.

Pumped-Up Hydraulics: Two powerful pumps work hard in tandem - one to power the steering and a separate pump feeding auxiliary hydraulics - moving more gallons of oil per minute to loaders, backhoes and snow blowers for fast operation and quicker response.

Hydraulic System (Standard Features)

• Category I 3-point hitch with position and response (rate of drop) control

• Pin type stabilizers

• Telescopic link ends

• Open center dual gear type hydraulic system

• Factory installed joystick

Hydraulic System (Optional Features)

• Auxiliary hydraulic valves with rear-mounted couplers, up to 3 spools (1 standard on Cab models).

3-Point Hitch: Our legendary classic three-point hitch was patented by Harry Ferguson in 1926. It allows you to use a wide range of implements and offers precise position and response control. The 1600 Series provides a standard Category I three-point hitch which accommodates the use of a variety of implements offered to you by Massey Ferguson. The 1600 series helps you take on even more tasks; from box blading to tilling to clipping the pasture with a rotary cutter, just to name a few.

• A clear line of sight from the operator station to the rear of the tractor allows you to see clearly what your implement is doing.

• Now that you can see the implement you need precise control of it, which Massey Ferguson has provided with the smooth operating position control lever located just to the right of the operator.

• You can control the speed at which the hitch lowers by turning the rate of drop control knob located below the seat.

• When you are not using the hitch, or if you are transporting an implement, the rate of drop knob can be turned all the way to the lock position to act as a safety device to keep the hitch from moving unexpectedly. Just another way Massey Ferguson helps keep you safe.

• Changing implements is made easy with the telescopic bar stabilizers that allow the draft links to swing out wide to put the implement on and then can be pinned to control the side to side sway while working. (see implements section for more information)

• Telescopic draft link ends are standard on all 1600 Series models.

Independent PTO: Easy to operate push-button control increases productivity, reliability and safety. With no clutching and no reaching for levers, you can operate the rear and mid PTO independently or simultaneously.

Independent PTO System: They make operating tillers, rotary cutters, brooms and snow blowers a simple task. This system is specifically designed to increase productivity, reliability and safety. But another built-in benefit is that it actually increases the working life of your implements by allowing them to function at their most efficient. The hydraulic PTO clutch features push-button control, so you can engage or disengage both rear and (if equipped) mid PTO on the go - no clutching, no reaching for levers.

The rear and mid PTO run independently or simultaneously, so you can power a snow blower while operating a sand/ salt spreader or mow and fertilize at the same time. In addition, you can control the rate of engagement by simply pressing a button next to the PTO button. This automatically modulates the flow of oil to the PTO clutch, eliminating the shock load that can happen with lesser systems while protecting the entire system and your tools. So it’s perfect for use with high-inertia implements like rotary cutters and aerators, ensuring a higher level of driveline protection. For added operator protection, the auto shut off and neutral start systems come standard with the MF1600 Series PTO system.

Standard Features

• Independent, push-button 540 RPM rear PTO with electro hydraulic engagement

• Wet multi disc clutch

Optional Features

• 2000 RPM Mid PTO

Operator's Area: We’ve delivered on what our customers really need: An even larger operator’s area, with an easy-entry, easy-exit, uncluttered environment. Plus, you’ll enjoy features like right-hand fender mounted controls to reduce fatigue. Our long-standing reputation for reliability reduces the emotional stress of owning a tractor. And we work hard at reducing the physical stress, too.

Check out the comfort in our operator's area:

• Noticeably larger than most of our competition

• Easy access to key control levers due to our scooped fender design

• Thick floor mat, providing reduced vibration and operating noise

• Form-hugging, spring-suspension seat

• Standard large folding armrests

• Plenty of leg room

• Color-coded, fuss free controls

• Easy-to-read gauges

• The platform itself even rests on rubber isolation mounts, so when the tractor vibrates, you don't

• Getting on and off is easier

• 4 headlights in the front grille, 2 work lights on the roof of the cab and another pair in the back provide excellent 360 degree nighttime visibility

• A digital display, available on DynaQPS™ models, keeps you informed about gear selection, ground speed and fuel level to temperature and coolant

• Color coded control knobs let you concentrate on the work

• Optional radio

Operator's Area (Platform): Platform models are designed to enhance your productivity and heighten the pure enjoyment of being out on your land, out on your own. Across the board, we've focused on the details that matter to you most.

Ergonomically designed from end to end, the MF1600 Series features:

• Scooped fenders

• Lots of leg room

• Logically placed controls

• Easy to read gauges

Operator's Area (Cab): Available in all models, the MF1600 series offers the most spacious cab in its class. Our roomy, carefully appointed compartment is factory installed so it’s solid and tight, and a virtual extension of our one-piece welded construction.

Standard features on cab models:

• Dual "wide entry" doors

• Heating and air conditioning

• Left and right rear-view mirrors

• Front and rear wipers/washers

• Four cab work lights (2 front, 2 rear)

• Easy-to-reach heating and A/C controls

• Eight vents surrounding the operator

• Exceptional visibility

• Pre-wired audio speakers for radio/CD player/cassette

Serviceability: With quick access to basic service points and a one-piece EZ lift all-steel hood, the MF1600 Series compact tractors work hard at making maintenance easy.

Service is a breeze. Inside and out, every model is designed to do one simple thing – make your life easier. Our MF1600 Series compact tractors feature the one-piece EZlift steel hood - the only one like it in the business - has a gas lift-assist cylinder, so it’s easy to flip up for access to the engine compartment. Basic service points are accessible without even lifting the hood, to keep maintenance time to a minimum.

• A convenient side panel cutout allows you to check the engine oil without opening the hood or side panel.

• With a filler extension pipe, it’s easy to add hydraulic oil when needed.

• Keep tabs on hydraulic oil simply by checking the site glass, and add oil easily with the fill port pipe extension.

• Foldable ROPS provides temporary access to low clearance buildings and, along with seat belt use, provides protection in case of rollover.

• A removable screen protects the radiator from debris and is easy to clean.

• An easy to access air filter is located at the front, for quick replacement.

• A built in fuel door means you don’t have to raise the hood when you need to top off the tank. There’s also an overflow drain around the fill area to catch overflow.

• Checking coolant level is as simple as raising the hood and looking to see if coolant is at the "full" line marked on the tank.

Accessories: You can tailor the MF1600 Series tractor exactly to your liking by selecting everything from tires to canopies, work lights, wheel weights and grille guards. We believe your tractor should be your tractor. Which is why you can accessorize our MF1600 Series tractor exactly to your liking.

Implements: With a full range of Massey Ferguson implements available, we are ready to help you take on almost any task.

• Loaders

• Backhoes

• Landscaping Tools

• Mowers

• Tillage

• Front Mounted Implements

  • Gross engine HP (kW): 59.9 (44.7)
  • PTO HP: gear/hst (kW): 44.9 (33.5)/46.3 (34.5)
  • Rated engine speed: 2,500
  • Type: 4-cylinder diesel
  • Displacement: in.3 (L): 180.4 (2.9)
  • Cooling system: Liquid cooled
  • Fuel tank capacity: gal (L): 13.2 (50)
Transmission Options
  • PowerShuttle: 12Fx12R (platform only)
  • DynaQPS™ w/PowerShuttle: 12Fx12R (cab only)
  • Rear brakes: Wet disc
  • Rear PTO type: gear/hst: Ind. 540 RPM
  • Control: gear/hst: Electro-hydraulic
  • Type of system: Open center
  • Flow at remotes: gpm (lpm): 12.8 (48.6)
  • Pwr steering flow: SS, HST/PS gpm (lpm): 6.8 (25.6)
  • Total flow: gpm (lpm): 19.6 (74.2)
  • Factory-installed joystick: Std
  • Rear auxiliary remotes: 3 spool opt. / 1 spool std.
3-Point Hitch
  • ASAE hitch: Cat. I
  • Controls: Position
  • Rate of drop control: Standard
  • Lift capacity @ hitch point: lbs. (kg): 3,744 (1,700)
  • Type of stabilizers: Telescopic bar
  • Type of link ends: Telescopic
Operator Area
  • Platform type: Flat isolated
  • ROPS: Folding
  • Seat type: Suspended
  • Seat belt type: Retractable
  • Hood type: One-piece flip up
Dimensions with AG Tires
  • Overall length: in. (mm): 134.6 (3420)
  • Min. overall width: in. (mm): 70.9 (1800)
  • Max. height over ROPS: in. (mm): 104.1 (2645)/91.9 (2315)
  • Ground clearance: in. (mm): 15.7 (400)
  • Wheelbase: in. (mm): 78.7 (2000)
  • Shipping weight platform/cab: lbs. (kg): 4079 (1850)/4453 (2020)



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Tier IV 4-cylinder diesel
59.9 hp (44.7 kW)
44.9 hp (33.5 kW)
Rated RPM
2,500 rpm


78.7 in. (2000 mm)
Top of ROPS: 104.1 in. (2645 mm); Top of Cab: 91.9 in. (2315 mm)
Minimum: 70.9 in. (1810 mm)
ROPS: 4079 lb. (1850 kg); Cab: 4453 lb. (2020 kg)
Ground Clearance
15.7 in. (400 mm)


Fuel Capacity
13.2 gal. (50 L)
12Fx12R PowerShuttle (platform only), 12Fx12R DynaQPS™ w/PowerShuttle (cab only)
Wet disc
Type: Open center; Total Flow: 19.6 gpm (74.2 L/min.)